Iodine Deficiency 2

Written by David McCarthy, Australia

Due to the response to our initial article on Iodine Deficiency this article will delve into affect of this problem paying attention to both the symptoms and outcomes of Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD). Before going into that I should also link you to the first article because it contains information that will not be repeated in this article.

The main role of minute quantities of iodine required by the human body is the synthesis of thyroid hormones. Put simply: When iodine deficiency exists thyroid hormone synthesis is impaired resulting in hypothyroidism. Also affected are a series of developmental and functional abnormalities grouped under the heading IDD (Iodine Deficiency Disorders).

Your Children Suffer Most

One of the worst outcomes is that a vast number of children are being born worldwide with reduced IQ due to the fact that mothers do not have the iodine in their system to pass on during pregnancy and later breastfeeding. It is difficult to quantify an actual percentage of IQ loss but the best available information points to between 13.5% and 15%. This represents a major chunk of reasoning power, particularly in this twenty-first century when our life style is demanding greater IQ to keep pace with the availability of new knowledge.

The World Health Organization has been trying to push IDD to member nations for many years now and it is amazing that governments do not appear to be following up.

The cure is so simple, you simply throw away the salt you are currently using and replace it with "Iodonized Salt" There is no purpose in increasing your salt intake because there are negative affects to using too much salt.Just use the same safe salt levels that you presently use but use Iodonized salt. Your need isn't great, the body only requires the equivalent of one tsp of Iodine for your entire life. This doesn't mean that you can take one tsp and forget about it forever, the requirement is for minute quantities over your entire life.

Between us we can beat this major threat to the health of our new populations simply by using a product that probably costs about two-cents per pound more than ordinary salt. The use of this salt in our every day diet will eliminate Iodine Deficiency from society.

This is a WHO chart from 2002 that indicates the spread of IDD. The first column is the World Region. The second column is the % affected by IDD and the third column represents how many million peope are affected.

WHO Region Proportion of population with UI < 100 µg/L (%) Population with UI < 100 µg/L (in millions)
Africa 42.6% 260.3 million people
Americas 9.8% 75.1 million people
South East Asia 39.8% 624.0 million people
Europe 56.9% 435.5 million people
Eastern Mediterranean 54.1% 228.5 million people
Western Pacific 24.0% 365.3 million people
Total 35.2% 1988.7 million people

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