Articles on Nutrition and Weight Loss

Articles on Nutrition

Diabetes and Your Diet Are you in the queue to shorten your lifespan? Diabetes is rampant in the deveoped world and the antidote is in your own hands.

Taking Care of Inner Health 1 Your inner health is even more important because you cannot see when it starts to go wrong. Good diet is the base for good health, weight control, weight loss and a better lifestyle.

Taking Care of Inner Health 2 Taking care of inner health 2 focuses on hygiene standards when storing and handling food to avoid food poisoning and gastro-enteritic problems.

White Bread White bread is the most popular bread in the land, the question that really needs answering concerns whether it is healthy.

Oatmeal is Healthy for Everybody, Even Dieters Oatmeal (porridge) has so many benefits for health, weight loss and weight control and too few people use it as part of their daily diet.

Dietary Guidelines for Adults 1 So you're an adult, you're overweight, you work real long hours and you have no dietary guidelines. Have you ever stopped to consider how this may be affecting your lifespan and overall health?

Dietary Guidelines for Adults 2 One of the most common questions asked is: What constitutes a healthy diet? Some of the answers are in this article.

Healthy Eating for Children Healthy eating for children is about giving your children the greatest gift possible, health, illness resistance and longevity.

Affects of Alcohol on Women It's party time and you're happy and feeling invincible. This is the time for women to beware because they are now entering a situation that will prove to be beyond their control.

Food and Colon Cancer Finally a breakthrough has been made on diets that help prevent colon cancer. It all started when somebody noticed that New Zealand Maoris hardly ever suffer from colon cancer.

Iodine Deficiency Can you afford to reduce your IQ by 15 points? Most of you are doing your utmost to achieve this goal by ignoring chronic iodine deficiency.

Iodine Deficiency 2 Iodine deficiency is causing children to be born with a reduced IQ and it is spreading throughout the world after being under control as little as ten years ago. Yet it has a simple low cost remedy.

Nutrition Facts Understanding the nutrition facts on food labelling is the first step to a healthier, slimmer and happier you.

Daily Calorie Intake Daily calorie intake is a simple science that each of us can master without pain to take control of our weight once more.

Beware the Food Pyramid The food Pyramid is a great aid to a healthy diet for weight-watchers and those simply interested in keeping a good body in shape. It has finally been questioned and found to be based on unsound scientific data.

Digestion Indigestion could be a symptom of other far reaching body disorders and is so easy to avoid.

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Articles on Weight Loss

Simple Weight Loss for Happy Dieters Want to lose weight but dislike the idea of a formal diet? This system works great for me and will probably work for you too.

Healthy Eating for Weight Loss Everybody could have weight problems but the healthier people take a wholistic approach that starts with healthy eating habits.

Beating Obesity in Children Obesity in children is a hard hitting article that ignores political correctness and hits straight at the heart of the problem. Every parent should read this article.

Abdominal Exercise and Weight Loss Everybody wishes they had an abdominal six-pack, this can be achieved but not as part of your weight loss program.

Safe Weight Loss Part 1 There are so many weight loss programs that its hard to select the right one.The truth is that the best weight loss programs are wholistic and do not involve losing weight rapidly.

Safe Weight Loss Part 2 There's no point in losing weight if you can't keep it off. This article provides some easy to follow tips that will help make it easier to stay trim after you lose weight.

Weight Watching and Soda How many weight-watchers use 20+ Tbsp of sugar in a cup of tea or coffee?

It's OK for Dieters to Over-Eat at Christmas Six simple rules that allow dieters to over-indulge during the festive season. This is another in ours eries of understanding weight control articles.

After Christmas Program Christmas is over and weight watchers around the world are testing the scales once again. A few extra pounds is no reason to panic because it can be reversed quickly.

Weight Loss Diary, Day 1 My weight loss diary is to be a step by step diary that follows my progress in losing 17 pounds (8.65 kilos) in 17 weeks or less. In these articles I will share everything in my program and invite you to join with me in this quest.Even if you don't wish to lose weight you will learn healthy eating habits. I never make a charge for any services connected with my website so it is free. Why not join in the experience and we can all share the glory.

Weight Loss Diary Day The Diet Begins I managed to get through day 1 of my weight loss program and achieve the simple goal that I set. This is obviously the first day of the diet so I know it was the hardest day. However by the end of the day there had been no suffering and it wasn't difficult to get through. You can either join me on this journey or just look at what I eat because it will be a very healthy diet even if you are not looking to lose weight.

Weight Loss Diary Day 3 Weight loss diary day 3 includes an ammendment to my exercise program to overcome a problem that arose during day 2. It isn't too late to join me in this free quest to lose 17 pounds.

Weight Loss Diary Day 4 Weight Losss Diary Day 4, continues with our theme of working together to lose unwanted pounds. By now everybody is adapted to the new routine and even if we haven't lost any weight we are already starting to respect ourselves for being part of the program. It isn't too late to join.

Weight Loss Diary Day 5

Weight Loss Diary 6 Weight loss diary six shows how I have achieved taking my waistbelt up one notch in a eight days. This program is an ideal for maintaining weight control as well as weight loss.

Weight Loss Diary 7 Article seven of my weight loss diary is a happy article because I have lost three pounds (1.35 kilos) and that is 50% ahead of my target. There has been no suffering and I haven't stopped eating anything that I like. The only thing that I've cut out is drinks that fizz.

Weight Loss Diary 8 Weight loss diary series of articles allows you to join me on the simplest weight loss program ever devised. If you want to join me these articles will remain in the site archives ro make it easier to follow.

Weight Loss Diary 9 As the weight loss diary series of articles continues more people are joining this free, and simple, weight control program.

Weight Loss Diary 10 After just five weeks of my weight loss program seven pounds have been shed and my body is firming up. The best thing is that I haven't given up any of the food that I love and the weight is shedding at a rate that I know is sustainable.

Weight Loss Diary 11 So far everything in the weight loss diary has been good news. This week we have a setback and have to decide where to go from here. This is often the pivotal point in any weight loss program and how to overcome this is valuable knowledge for weight watchers and those seeking to control weight too.

Weight Loss Diary 12 Weight loss diary 12 highlights how putting a little extra effort into doing everyday things will help drive your weight down and keep it there.

Weight Loss Diary 13 This weight loss diary entry shows a good week on the surface, but it may all change next week when things get back to normal. To lose three pounds (1.48 kilo's) sounds fine but this level of weight loss is unsustainable.

Weight Loss Diary 14 You really can eat anything that you like and still lose weight. There is no secret other than plain common sense.

Weight Loss Diary 15 My weight loss diary started ten weeks ago to cover an eighteen week program. This is the final article because it was achieved in just ten-weeks without giving up any food that I like.

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