Basic Concasse and Variations

Basic Concasse is a peeled vegetable that has been diced to be served as a base for meat, fish or poultry dishes or can be used as a side dish.People with an allergy to nuts would use a concasse as an alternative to pesto.

As you will see in the recipes below for both Tomato Concasse and Bell Pepper Concasse, it is simply a case of chopping the vegetable and serving. You can also mix two or more vegetables into a concasse. Submitted by David McCarthy, Australia

Tomato Concasse Ingredients and Method

1 medium size tomato per person

Score each tomato with an "X" at the bottom. (Opposite end to where the stem is attached.)

Immerse the tomatoes in boiling water for 10 seconds until they start to blister.

Plunge them into ice-cold water immediately and leave them there until they are completely cold.

Peel the skins and cut in half crossways.

Squeeze each half tomato to rid them of seeds and water.

Dice into 1/4 inch (5mm) piece and set aside until ready to serve.

Bell Pepper Concasse Ingredients and Method

1/2 Bell pepper (Capsicum) per person—I find the red variety sweeter

Cut each Bell Pepper into 4 strips and remove the seeds.

Place strips onto a grill tray skin side up.

Place under grill until skins start to blister. The skins will actually go black as though burning. Don't panic, this is normal and does not affect the finished taste.

Remove the strips of Bell Pepper and place them immediately into ice-cold water. Leave them to cool for two minutes and then peel with your fingers. You will find that the skins slides off easily. If it doesn't that means that you didn't allow the skins to blister under the grill.

Chop the Bell Pepper strips into 1/4 inch (5mm) pieces and set aside for serving.


You can also make a Concasse from Egg Plant (Aubergine) or if you wish to move on from Basic Concasse you can mix the vegetables but I prefer to serve a single vegetable because in this dish the beauty is in the simplicity.

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