Cleaning Silver

This simple, low cost method, of cleaning silver can be used on all silver, not just cutlery.

Silver Teapot

Many of us have a "best silver cutlery set" that comes out just for special occasions and invariably when we do want to use it it needs cleaning. I think they call that Murphy's Law. This tip is used in many restaurants and is guaranteed to make your silver gleam. So much so that I may have to hide from the manufacturers of silver polish for publishing it.

Step 1. Purchase a top quality soft kitchen (paper) towel roll. Warning: Do not attempt this with cheap kitchen paper towel because it is abrasive. You are looking for soft and that is the top priced kitchen roll.

Step 2. Smear toothpaste onto the soft kitchen roll and polish.

The result will be gleaming silver and because toothpaste is less abrasive than the average silver polish, your silver plating will last much longer and your polishing cost will more than halve.

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