Cooking Eggs

Tips on Cooking Eggs like the pros.

hard-boiled egg frightened by spoon

Hard Boiled Eggs

Have you ever noticed how a professional chef serves eggs in a salad where the yolk is firm but remains a soft texture. They're great aren't they?

The way this is done is by placing them into a saucepan of water, bringing it to the boil then turning off the heat the moment the water comes to full boil and leaving them in the water for 10 to 12 minutes. This is a very slow method of hard boiling and it seems to retain an enhanced taste.

Also remember that the chef will start cooking with the eggs at room temperature.

Scrambled Eggs without Milk

Many people are dairy product intolerant and here is a simple scrambled egg without using milk.

Simply replace milk with fresh orange juice when mixing and cook normally.

Never cook scrambled eggs until completely cooked because they will carry on cooking in their own heat after they leave the pan.


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