Easy Mexican Recipes

Easy Mexican Recipes will sustain you through thick and thin, whether you're watching your weight or budget. Once you see how downright easy it is to heat a tortilla, you'll never hestitate to make quick quesadillas as an appetizer to share or a meal for one.

Red, Orange and Green Peppers

Start with a Tortilla

Soon you'll be creating your favorite filling combinations. But first, here are a few definitions.

A tortilla is a flatbread made from corn or wheat. When combined in some way with fillings such as cheese, beans, vegetables or meat, its name changes.
A taco is a tortilla folded or rolled around a filling.
An enchilada is a tortilla rolled around a filling and covered with a sauce.
A burrito is a tortilla which is grilled or steamed and then wrapped or folded around a filling.
A chimichangais a deep-fried or grilled burrito.

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