Recipes for Christmas

Recipes for Christmas and festivities are usually used just once each year. Who made up that rule? Treat your family, friends and yourself well throughout the year. Go ahead, splurge a little and try these special recipes thoughout the year as a gift to those you love.

dog checking out the roasted turkey

Main Dishes

  • Balsamic Turkey Breast Balsamic vinegar is used for the basting and the cranberry sauce.
  • Beef Rib Roast Ideal instead of a Christmas turkey, this recipe uses a fruit garnish for a beautiful centerpiece.
  • Glazed Ham Uses a fruit preserve instead of a sticky glazed.
  • Ham Steak Peaches make a difference.
  • Roasting Turkey Breast Spices and vegetables to dress it up.
  • Lobster Chicken Breast for One Whether you are catering just for yourself or for a dozen guests this quick Christmas dinner recipe will still only take minutes, as opposed to hours, to produce.

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Side Dishes


  • Christmas Fruit Salad
  • Bombe Christmas Dessert Ideal as a replacement for traditional Christmas pudding and is much lighter.
  • Brown Pears with Cheese How many recipes do you know that can be served at the start or end of a meal.Take up the challenge with this dish.
  • Caramel Rum Custard Caramel Rum Custard is a mouth watering dessert sauce that is used most commonly at Christmas but is so quick and easy to prepare you'll find yourself using it at other times of the year too.
  • Quick Christmas Pudding Our quick Christmas pudding is not only delicious, it can be mixed and cooked in thirty minutes.Ideal for last minute catering.
  • Cinnamon Rum Hard Sauce Delicious Christmas dessert sauce that can be prepared up to 4 weeks before use.Cinnamon rum hard sauce is a must try accompaniment to rich desserts.
  • Fruit Layer Cake Make your Christmas guests envious with this light, filled sponge cake.
  • Non-Dairy Fruit Cake Non-Dairy Fruit Cake is our latest Christmas cake recipe but this is for weight-watchers as well as people with a dairy allergy.Rich and yummy.
  • Pistachio Cake Pistachio Cake with Marsala is a traditional Christmas dessert. Time to get busy.
  • Rum and Citrus Fruit Cake Rum and Citrus Fruit Cake is a special recipe that will please all fruitcakes.


  • Fresh Cranberry Sauce Beats the canned variety.
  • Duck Sauce Planning on duck or goose this year rather than turkey or chicken? This duck sauce converts a simple meal to a sublime dining experience.

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