Cooking Rice Like a Professional

How often do you finish a rice meal that you cooked at home and feel that it wasn't quite the same as you get in a restaurant? Be honest, most of us recognize this feeling and constantly seek the reason why or ask ourselves: "What am I doing wrong?" The secret of professionalism is doing all the small things right. Here are a couple of those small things that can have you cooking to a professional standard in no time.


Tips for Cooking Rice

To cook this dish, either boiled or steamed, follow this tip and the result is a professional looking dish with each grain separate and no clogging mass.

You achieve this by measuring the amount you wish to use into a fine sieve. Then run it under cold running water. At first the water that runs from the sieve is a milky color. This is the starch running out. When the cold water runs clear, you put it in the steamer, or boiling water, and cook normally. Don't forget to add salt after the water has boiled and before you put it in.

Another little trick I use is to put a Tbsp of olive oil into the boiling water before putting the rice in. Then when you add it, stir for a few seconds and it will never stick to the saucepan providing you don't boil it dry.

When cooked each grain will be separate just like the last time it was presented to you in an Asian restaurant.

Simple, cheap and better results are achieved by following these tips.

I use Basmati and find that for all boiled, steamed or fried dishes this is the best tasting and and most consistent cooking.

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