Traditional Chinese Food Recipes

If you wish to cook Traditional Chinese Food Recipes properly, you must learn to cook in a wok.They really are the most versatile cooking utensil due to the small base and high, sloping sides.

Food that you wish to cook quickly goes in the bottom of the wok, where the heat is greatest.Food that you are just keeping warm is pushed to the sides of the wok, where heat is far less.This makes it ideal for cooking an entire meal in one pan.

Chinese food in a wok

All wok cooking is high temperature. Never attempt to cook with a wok using olive oil.Olive oil cannot achieve the high temperature required for a fast cooking wok.The sensible thing to do is use the oil recommended by individual recipes and if they don't state an oil use vegetable oil.

Also, have all ingredients prepared before you start cooking. Chinese stir fry recipes are a very quick method of cooking and you don't have time to prepare as you cook. Once you start cooking you must continue, uninterrupted, until the meal is cooked.

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