Weight Loss Program and Fitness Program

Submitted by David McCarthy, Australia

This is my weight loss program, and I use it most of the time.I stop using it when my waistband gets slack and start again when it gets tight.OK, I know that isn't scientific, but it works great for me and it may do the same for you.When you add the exercises, it becomes a fitness program, too.

Before you attempt to enter any weight loss program or fitness program please, please, PLEASE, go to your doctor and explain the program you wish to try and she will tell you if you are suited to the program and what, if any, parts you should amend to suit a person of your physical condition.Attempting to change your lifestyle without taking medical advice is dumber than dumb.

Before starting into my weight loss program I think you should understand my mindset: I have always believed that I am responsible for everything that happens in my life and being overweight from time to time is entirely due to my love of good food and lack of exercise.So naturally my weight loss program focuses on both diet and exercise.But here's the good news: I never give up any food and never exercise for more than ten minutes three times each week; this is a real lazy man's fitness program.If this sounds good to you then you've come to the right page.

Before I give you the free weight loss program I ask you to make a few changes to your daily routine to ensure that you get the best from the fitness program:

1. If you work during daylight hours, try to have your main meal at lunchtime.This gives you 4 or 5 extra hours to work off the calories whilst at work.This will help your weight loss program.

2. Examine how many times each day you drive to the shops, school, friends etc. and determine which trips can be walked.- Remember walking? It's where you use those things that link your hips to your feet.Replace the car with one trip each day by foot and you'll soon feel a difference in your fitness.I know you have a busy lifestyle, but if you are fitter you will live longer and enjoy your lifestyle even more.This change is a great help to your fitness program.

3. If you work in a large office block, check to see whether it is possible to leave the elevator one level below the level where you work and walk up the stairs once or twice a day. You remember stairs? We had them in the old days before elevators and escalators started helping us to become overweight.Another boost to your fitness program.

4. After your evening meal, take a short walk; if you had a big evening meal, take a longer walk.You may even meet new friends who are trying to do the same thing as you and your social life will start to improve, too.

Is that too difficult to do to start claiming back your body and fitness?

Please use my weight loss program if you think it can benefit you. There are not many about that come free.

My Diet

I know that I said that I don't give up any food in my weight loss program, but I didn't say that I don't diet.What I do is give up one thing each day and one thing only.You are free to choose what you give up because your normal diet is different than mine.The secret is to leave a space on your plate where that single item would normally be.

In this weight loss program, the food item that you give up must be given up for the entire day - not just for one meal.

1. On Monday I eat no bread.

2. On Tuesday no meat.

3. On Wednesday no pastry or cake.

4. On Thursday no eggs.

5. On Friday no bread again. (Bread is my big weakness.)

6. On Saturday I take no dairy products. (Milk, cheese, ice-cream, yoghurt etc.)

7. On Sunday I avoid chocolate and chocolate products. (Chocolate is reserved for Sunday in my house because that is the day we tend to eat most chocolate.)

Donít try to cheat your weight loss program or fitness program because you are the only loser if you do.

Get the picture? Also when I'm on my weight loss program, I drink no carbonated waters, like Coke, Seven Up, Pepsi, in fact everything that fizzes and I also eat no fast foods except those that I make and am aware of the true fat content.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are terrific for diet purposes and if you are peckish between meals this is the way to go, providing that you eat in moderation.

The biggest "no-no" is drinking beer when you eat.Beer will stop the body breaking down the fat content in food and is the worst possible drink for any fitness program.

The proverbial "beer-gut" isn't created by the beer that you drink, it is created by the food that you eat while drinking beer.Beer will stop your body from breaking down the fat content of that food (especially nuts that are high in fat) and you will retain it in your body in the form of fat.

My Exercise

Now we move on from weight loss program to fitness program.Never lose sight of the fact that the two go together for the best results.

We have already mentioned some small changes in your daily routine to effect this weight loss program, do you think that you can manage ten minutes exercise on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week? By adding this, your weight loss program also becomes your personal fitness program. Sure you can, ten minutes isn't asking much is it?

Follow these exercises and if you finish before the alloted ten minutes, do a few more.What you are seeking to do is to raise your pulse rate by 50% for a very short period.

1. Stretch your neck muscles by allowing your chin to drop to your chest and turning your head in circles, three times clockwise and three times counter clockwise and repeat three times.(Total of 9 x 360-degree stretches each way.)

2. Let your arms hang by your side, palms against your body.Stand upright.Bend sideways from the trunk and try to push your right fingers to the outside of your right knee.Three pushes on the right side and then repeat to your left side.Repeat the entire process three times (Total of nine stretches to the right and nine to the left.) Easy so far? Good.

3. Stand upright with your palms on the front of your legs.Bend forward as far as you can and bend back as far as you can nine times.After a few weeks of this I found that I was able to rest the palms of my hands on the floor with no bending at the knee with my feet together.If you stick to your fitness program this will eventually happen for you.

4. Stand upright and stretch your arms from the shoulders parallel to the ground and swing from the waist; left, then right a total of nine times, twisting the waist but keeping the hips still. This is too easy right?

5. This isn't so easy and you may not achieve it at first, but don't panic, it will happen in time.Stand upright and bend at the knees going down until your bottom almost touches the floor (squat position)and then stand up again.(At first you may need a chair beside you to help with balance.This is quite normal.) Then, when you are on your feet, stretch up onto your toes, then return to flat footed stance.Do this nine times. (If you can only manage one or two that's fine; as your muscles tone during the coming weeks you will manage more.)

6. Nine press-ups from the floor.Ladies from the kneeling position, men lying on the floor.Don't panic if you can't manage nine.I once asked a very wealthy man how he made a million dollars and he replied: "Easy! I just went out and made one dollar and then repeated the same thing a million times." So you just do one press-up and as your muscles tone you will be able to repeat the process.Soon you will not find nine a big enough challenge and will want to do more.

7. Finally you can either go for a short jog or do some running on the spot if you prefer the privacy of home.The idea is to run until your pulse rate reaches 1.5 times normal.I never check my pulse. I just run on the spot until I start gasping for breath and that is enough. Then I end by doing a few gentle stretching exercises to cool down.

8. Also, throw away those scales. In this fitness program you are not what you weigh: you are what you measure. So use a tape measure and check waist, hips and thighs before you start the program and monthly while you're on the weight loss program.

As I'm basically lazy and a lover of fine food, I use this program to ensure that I never have to worry too much about diets and it works fine for me.The great thing about it is that it doesn't take up much time, it focuses you on your lifestyle and as you get fitter you will need to increase the amount of exercise to reach that 'slightly breathless' stage that says: "Enough!"

Improving your fitness is part of your weight loss program.

This program was explained to me by a friend more than 20 years ago and I have used it, on and off, ever since with no complaint.I hope it works equally as well for you.

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